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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Montgomery! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Montgomery, AL. If you need emergency wildlife control and fast, give us a call today. We answer the phones around the clock, and we can offer advice or a same-day / next-day appointment to suit your needs. We will protect you from the various disease and risks that wildlife in your home can cause, and as well as making sure the wildlife has gone, we will also make sure that it can’t come back. We will also perform any cleanup or sanitation tasks to remove disease threat, and will repair any damage the animal has left behind. This includes electrical wiring damage, lawn-damage, torn ducts, etc. Of necessary, we will replace insulation in the attic after the removal of squirrel or a bat colony. If the animal is dead, we will locate it, remove it, dispose of it, and then dispose of all material that the carcass has been in contact with. Using tried and testing techniques and only the very best tools and equipment in the industry, we make sure that there is no trace of the wild creature ever having been in your home, and all with a friendly service that you can rely on. Call us now at 334-409-1984 for your Montgomery wildlife control needs.

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Property inspections and in-attic inspections.

Nuisance wildlife trapping and removal.

Critter damage repair to your home.

Attic restoration and decontamination.

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Bat control in Montgomery - removal from attics

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Our Service Range

Our Service Range

We service Autauga County, Elmore County, Lowndes County, and Montgomery County. We service towns such as Autaugaville, Benton, Billingsley, Blue Ridge, Booth, Coosada, Deatsville, Eclectic, Elmore, Fort Deposit, Gordonville, Hayneville, Letohatchee, Lowndesboro, Millbrook, Montgomery, Mosses, Mount Willing, Pike Road, Prattville, Tallahassee, Washington, Wetumpka, and White Hall.

Montgomery Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Armadillo Prevention Tips

Armadillos are attracted to food that is grown in the soil of your Alabama gardens and backyards. They can dig up considerable amounts of soil in search of insects and various grubs. They can litter a full lawn with holes in just a single night. They are peaceful and interesting to look at but they can be a real nuisance when they enter places where you do not want them.

Once armadillos enter your Montgomery property area, you will be left with limited options to drive them away. They might be burrowed right in your backyard or under the porch or at places where it is not easy for you to access. Armadillos can dig out of any types of holes. You will not be able to close the entrance points to their burrows. The smarter way to handle this issue is by allowing the Alabama armadillo to force itself to leave your property.

People use various tactics like soaking rags in ammonia or placing mothballs in their burrows. These repellents may work potentially if the Alabama armadillos do not go about burying the rags and the mothballs deep inside the ground to eliminate their odor. There are no powders or sprays that can drive them away. Ultrasonic units to scare away armadillos have proved ineffective. Prevention is the best form of cure in the case of armadillos. It is the best means to keep them away. There are many kinds of prevention methods that can be used to prevent armadillos from making permanent homes under your Montgomery property. Special doors can be created over the entrance to their burrows. These doors have to be of metal fencing and other strong material which will allow them to see through to the outer portion. You will have to cut the fencing in such a way that is bigger than the burrow hole and then you will have to secure it over that opening.

When the Montgomery armadillos come out of the burrows, this wire door can fall back into its place and the wider margins on its outside helps in preventing re-entry of the armadillos into their burrows. Once the armadillos are out, they can then be trapped and relocated to another place. Fencing, therefore, becomes necessary to keep the armadillos out of your gardens and yards. The fence needs not be a very tall one but it has to go about three feet into the ground. Armadillos do not see that well over a distance. They like to travel along fences and walls. Caged traps can be set in their paths. They can also be placed around the burrows when the Alabama armadillos are likely to return back looking for their food on their travel path along the fences. Wooden planks can be placed on the ground to direct them on to the cage traps.