An Analysis of Inhumane Glue Traps for Rats

Removing Montgomery rats from a home is the objective of any person who has one or more of these rodents roaming through their walls. That is if we are talking about the kinds that aren’t pets. Rats are horrific animals that carry disease and can ruin the beauty of your home. It is for that reason that people want them out.

Often, the option that people opt for is to have them exterminated. They look at traps and poisons trying to figure out which ones will be the most successful at killing off the Alabama rats. The goal is to get rid of them, often by any means possible. One of the methods that people use is the glue traps for rats. These traps not only capture rats, but pretty much any other organism that is of equal or smaller size, including Montgomery mice and insects. The glue is very strong, making it difficult for the rats to break free.

As a comparison, this is a similar idea to what you would find with fly paper. There the fly lands on the paper and is trapped and cannot get away. The glue trap is nailed to floor or is glued using an adhesive. This ensures that the trap will not be pulled away by the Alabama rat, or flipped or damaged by wind or any other movement that could cause displacement. There is also a substance on the paper that will attract the rat so that it will want to step on the paper.

This sounds like a great idea to many. It traps that rat, so that it cannot get away and eventually the rat dies off. That is where the objections really come into play. There are many that see the glue trap as a cruel and inhumane way to end the rat’s life. The reason behind this is that the rat is trapped and cannot get away. Thus, it is either completely vulnerable to other animals that may see the Montgomery rats as a tasty treat, like a raccoon or other wild animal, or it may simply starve to death. This is the most objectionable at all.

Most people use these traps in areas where they do not check often. This means that Alabama rat can be stuck on the trap and wither away, unable to get off the trap. This means it has no source of water or food, and so it dies an agonizing death. To some, this does not matter at all. There are many that see a Montgomery rat dying in a harsh way as completely irrelevant. It is just a rat after all. However, some see the rat dying in this way as just cruel. It is really up the user to determine if this means that deserves use.

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