Bird Spike Installation

Certain Montgomery birds have the tendency to congregate in large numbers, and they may choose to do so on top of a home or building. In these cases, the home or building owner will likely want to look into possible solutions for preventing the birds from taking over their structure. Birds can be very destructive because of their large amounts of bird droppings, and some may even carry diseases. Some species of Alabama birds are also very loud and can cause a disturbance. If for whatever reason you want to prevent birds from perching on your structure, you may want to consider bird spike installation.

Bird spikes are a prevention measure used to keep large birds such as Alabama pigeons or gulls off both flat and curved surfaces. This does not harm the bird but makes the surface uneven. Some of the uses are on windows, signs, light posts and eaves. The first thing you must do is clean up all nesting materials, debris and bird droppings. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and a respiratory mask as Montgomery bird droppings may contain diseases. Disinfect the area with 10% bleach and hot water. Then you will need to decide upon the mounting area.

Installation on wood – this will require one wood screw per 6 inches.

On concrete – use construction grade outdoor adhesive to secure bird spikes to a variety of surfaces. Do not use silicone adhesives. A spike polycarbonate tube will be good for every 25 feet of spikes. To provide more security, use screws or bolts. Though spikes are 2 feet long, you have the option to cut them for smaller sections.

Bird spikes can be found at many Montgomery hardware or big box stores. This is a product that will last you for a while without any further maintenance. If you find that you are having a problem with pigeons, geese, or other nuisance birds taking up residence on your home or building, bird spikes may be just the solution that you need. When used in combination with bird netting, decoys, and other deterrents, they can prove to be especially effective. The effort of installation will be well worth it when you are able to live in peace without the constant fear of bird droppings or noise disturbances from a noisy Alabama bird population. You can also have these spikes professionally installed if you prefer not to handle the project yourself.

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